Xbox Repair Services

Below is a list of just some of our repair services and starting price estimates for repairs on Microsoft Xbox gaming hardware. Please keep in mind that every repair is unique and only when we have the system and are able to give it thorough testing will we know for sure what all it may need.

Don’t quite see what you need? Give us a call, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll give you an estimate!

Xbox Series X/S

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
No Video / HDMI Port Replacement$145$40

Xbox One

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
No Video / HDMI Port Replacement$90 (See Xbox One No Video notes below)$40
No Power(See Xbox One No Power notes below)$40
Retimer$85 (See Xbox One No Video notes below)$40
Laser ReplacementStarts at $70$20
Optical Drive ReplacementStarts at$75$20
Fan ReplacementStarts at $65$20
Power Supply RepairStarts at $30 (See Xbox One No Power notes below)$20
Power Supply ReplacementStarts at $65 (See Xbox One No Power notes below)$20
HDD Replacement$90 – $110 (See Xbox One HDD notes below)$40

Xbox One / Series X/S Controllers

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Analog stick / face button replacement$25 ( additional $5 each additional stick / button)$10
Analog Module Replacement (“drift” fix)$30 (1 module ) / $40 (both modules on the same controller)$10
Elite Series Controller Module Replacement$40 per module$10

Xbox 360

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Laser Replacement (original models)$55$20
Laser Replacement (Xbox 360 S / Xbox 360 E)$60$20
Belt Replacement$25$20


Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Laser ReplacementNot Available (See Xbox Laser notes below()N/A
Optical Drive Belt Replacement$25$20

Xbox One No Video notes:
A “no video” situation on an Xbox One can be caused by several common problems – HDMI port damage, a failed chip on the main board known as a “retimer”, or even a bad hard drive. We will only know for sure once we have the system and are able to do in depth testing. Of course, once we determine the exact cause we will contact you.

Xbox One No Power notes:
An Xbox One console not powering on, or not staying powered on (for example, shutting down a few seconds after it is powered on) can be caused by a multitude of issues which can only properly be diagnosed once we have the system and can do in depth testing. An exception are the original model Xbox One consoles, which have an external power supply (power brick, as some call it.) Many of these power supplies have a common failure point which we are able to repair (hence the power supply repair category.) In the case that you have an original model Xbox One with power issues, please bring the power supply and the console so we can check both at the time of system drop off.

Xbox One Hard Drive notes:
As mentioned above, a failing hard drive can be the cause of a “no video” condition, among many other problems with an Xbox One system. Prices are $90 for a 500GB Hard Drive, $100 for a 750GB Hard Drive, and $110 for a 1TB (1000GB) Drive. Due to parts scarcity, larger capacity hard drives may not be available. In the event the system only needs an operating system re-installation, the cost is $60.

Xbox Laser notes:
Due to extreme scarcity of replacement lasers, this service can no longer be offered. We are closely monitoring the market for a viable source, and will again offer this service if an effective supplier can be found.