Nintendo Repair Services

Below is a list of just some of our repair services and starting price estimates for repairs on Nintendo gaming hardware. Please keep in mind that every repair is unique and only when we have the system and are able to give it thorough testing will we know for sure what all it may need.

Don’t quite see what you need? Give us a call, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll give you an estimate!

Nintendo Switch

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
USB-C Port (charging port) replacement$130 (see Switch Power notes below)$40
Analog Module replacement (“drift” fix)$40$20
Battery Replacement$50 (see Switch Power notes below)$20
Cartridge Port Replacement$80$50
Switch Lite left module$30$20
Switch Lite right module$50$20
Screen Replacement (Original Model)$120$50

Wii U

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Gamepad Screen Replacement$80$40

DS / DSi / 3DS /2DS

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Charge Port Replacement$35$20

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Power port Replacement$25$20

Nintendo Entertainment System

Repair TypeStarting EstimateDown Payment
Pin Connector Repair / Replacement$30$20

Switch Power notes:
Nintendo Switch gaming systems which are experiencing power issues can be some of the most challenging repairs we encounter. The most common problem is damage to the USB-C port at the bottom of the system which, at best results in the system not being able to charge and, at worst, can damage much of the system circuitry and cause just about any other odd situation you can imagine, including a “dead battery” situation. As such, these are very involved repairs but, as with any repair, we will be in communication with you as we discover what exactly is wrong with the system.

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