How It Works

Welcome to the “How It Works” page for system repairs. This page is designed to familiarize you with how our repair services works so that if, or when, you need us, you’ll know what to expect.

So, your gaming system isn’t working right. You can’t play Halo, God of War, Smash Bros., whatever you enjoy — that Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, whatever, it needs some help. For our example, let’s suppose your PlayStation 4 for some reason isn’t showing video on your TV. You could call us and inquire about what repairs we offer or, since you’re already here on the website, you can check the PlayStation Repairs section and see that “No Video / HDMI Port Replacement” is listed in the PlayStation 4 section.

“Cool” you think. That sounds like the problem you have! You see beside that repair type that the Starting Estimate is $90 and the down payment is $40. This means that we estimate the cost of a normal HDMI port replacement (the most common reason for no video on a PlayStation 4 in our case) to be $90 dollars. However, it could be more if there is additional damage, or if we find another issue that needs to be addressed while we look at the system, but normally this is what it costs to get the job done. That estimate is the total cost of the repair, which brings us to the down payment of $40.

That $40 down payment (plus tax, of course), in our HDMI repair situation, is paid at the time of system drop off. The down payment goes towards the total cost; that is to say, it “comes off” the total cost of the completed repair. In our case, this $90 HDMI repair would have the $40 down payment applied, meaning on pickup of the system you would only owe $50.

Right, now you know what to expect cost wise, now what about bringing in the system? There’s no “appointment” to set up beforehand — just come on to the shop with your system. Generally, we will not need any power cables, video cables, controllers; anything! You can leave those at home and just (carefully) bring the game system. If you’re unsure, contact us with your repair issue and we’ll let you know if we think anything extra will be needed.

So, you’re at the shop with your system, ready to drop it off and pay the down payment. We will print out a small bit of paperwork for you to fill out — a system repair contract which will ask for a bit of info and have two places for you to sign. While you’re filling that out we will do a quick preliminary test of your system to make sure things seem otherwise okay. This is a good time, in the event anything else is wrong with your system beyond the reason you brought it in, to let us know and we may be able to address that while we’re solving the other problem: our goal is to fully repair the system, after all, right?

With the testing done and the paperwork filled out, we’ll verify your information, put the repair into our system and you’ll pay the down payment. That’s that! It goes into the repair queue and we will begin the repair process as soon as we reasonably can.

This is where patience comes in. Generally, no repairs can be done “same day.” Why? Because every repair is special. Additionally, they all take time, and there is only so much time in a given day. With repairs coming in every day there is always a bit of a backlog, but we never rush a repair simply to get “caught up.” Every repair is given the same level of attention as the last and is done to top quality standards. Quite simply, we strive to do the absolute best we can with every repair. Don’t worry, we’ll call and let you know when it’s ready.

So, it’s been a little while and you get a call from us saying your system is ready. Again, in this example it was an HDMI repair, and so we tell you the total cost is $90. Remember above that your down payment comes off the total, so, since you paid $40 down you know you’ll only need to pay $50 on pickup.

You come to the shop and let us know you’re here to pick up your system. We’ll ask for your name and then go back and get it, and after the repair cost is paid you’re on your way with your working game system!

That’s really all there is. Virtually every repair, at its simplest, goes like this, just with different problems, down payments, and total costs depending on the issue. We’ll do the absolute best we can to solve your problem and ensure the system is working as best it can.

If you still have any question, give us a call — or, you can browse our most common repairs on the main repairs page!

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