Frequently Asked Repair Questions

Having a game console or accessory repaired can come with many questions. In this F.A.Q we’ll try to address this most commonly asked questions regarding our repair services.

How long does it take?
It depends on the type of repair, and our the current state of the repair queue. Simpler repairs can often be fast-tracked, but other repairs may take time. Our standard quote is one calendar week before we are likely able to begin any medium to high level repair.

Why so long?
We do our absolute best with every repair. They are not rushed just to get the system out more quickly — they are done professionally, to incredibly exacting standards. Additionally, while some repairs are straightforward, they still take time to actually complete. Other repair situations are quite non-standard, and require special research, processes, or the acquisition of uncommon or scarce components.

Why the down payment?
The down payment covers the time and resources used in attempting any given repair. While it is generally rare that a repair cannot be successfully conducted, in some cases it does happen and this is the most you will be out in that case — you will not be charged extra for the additional work which is always done on problematic repairs.

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